Deacon Sermed Ashkouri

Deacon Sermed Ashkouri
A Courageous Faith

Deacon Sermed Ashkouri, a bi-ritual deacon who serves the Chaldean mission in the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Thomas and the Archdiocese of Boston joins us on Voices from the Pews to talk about coming to the United States as a teen, what life is like for Christians in Iraq today and the events and activities of the Immaculate Conception Chaldean Mission.
** Content advisory
There are some descriptions of violence during our conversation. So, if you are listening with little ones, you may want to listen with headphones or consider not allowing them to hear this portion of our conversation.

The Ordination of Deacon Sermed Ashkouri to the deaconate
to contact the Immaculate conception Chaldean Mission of Boston, go to

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